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Welcome to The Just Word, Justwealth’s new podcast hosted by former BNN Host & CNBC OnAir Editor, Pat Bolland! This podcast will feature a variety of experts from the Canadian financial services industry discussing a wide range of topics including investments, retirement, tax planning, and much more. Make sure to subscribe to The Just Word on your favourite podcast streaming service to catch future episodes!

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Episode 20: Women And Money

Melanie Rousseau, AKA the “Money Mama”, went through a tough time in her life – and decided to do something about it. In particular, to help other women who may face the same challenges. And help them come to terms with their finances.

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Episode 19: Truth, Reconciliation, Forgiveness & The Business Of Music

Multi-Juno Award winner, Susan Aglukark, has told stories through song for more than 3 decades. She’s taken her success and turned it towards helping her people. We began by discussing her latest work, titled ‘Forgiveness’, and we squeezed-in some business talk, too!

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Episode 18: Beating The Bank

Larry Bates, a former broker, knows a thing or two about how the banks and investing work. He wrote a book about it and he joined us to talk about #BeatingTheBank!

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Episode 17: Accounting In A Pandemic Era

Harrison White is going through some changes this year, moving west, and moving his business online – in part in response to the pandemic. But accounting is more than bookkeeping – it’s also about helping people see into their future. And he’s developing software-as-a-service.

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Episode 16: The business of Olympic Sports

In the world of track and field, Angela Whyte is well known – 3 Olympics representing Canada, medals In the Commonwealth and Pan-Am games in 100 meter hurdles – but beyond the track, how did she pay for her passion? The business of sports is our topic for this episode.

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Episode 15: NFT’s (non fungible tokens) are HOT

Jon Dwyer runs Wondr Gaming – and they do a lot with NFT’s. What are those, you ask?

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Episode 14: Life After Hockey

Ryan Walter’s early claim to fame was his NHL playing career with the Montreal Canadiens. Since then he’s had ongoing success on several fronts – some including the hockey business and, more recently, using his experience to help others in other business.

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Episode 13: Your Life, Well Spent (pun intended)

It’s one of those things you just have to have – a financial plan! But do you? And what is it?
Sandi Martin of Spring Financial Planning has the answers!

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Episode 12: FOMO (fear of missing out) and other emotions

You may think you’re a rational investor – all business. But that may not be the case, as emotions can play a big role in your investing style according to our guest, Lisa Kramer, Professor of Finance at University of Toronto…

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Episode 11: The business of TikTok

Jack Innanen is a star on TikTok with over 2 million followers.
How did he get there, and how does he manage the business of being a celebrity?

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Episode 10: Moolala and More!

Bruce Sellery, business guru extraordinaire, is in a new role and is helping Canadians deal with debt!

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Episode 9: Retirement – Heaven or Hell

Mike Drak was a banker for four decades … until he wasn’t. Now he writes about retirement, publishing Victory Lap Retirement and Retirement Heaven or Hell. The focus is not on the plan, but on the approach!

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Episode 8: Want a ‘Sleep-Easy Retirement’?

David Aston is a freelance journalist who writes about personal finance and investments. In his book, The Sleep-Easy Retirement Guide, he answers the 12 biggest questions Canadians face about retirement. It’s one of those books that you can refer back to time again.

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Episode 7: Impressive Performance by Justwealth

James Gauthier is the Chief Investment Officer at Justwealth … and he’s good! Having come from the banks, he now beats them at their own game! Prior to this interview he said that the performance of Justwealth’s funds was, to use his words, “mind-blowing”. And he’s not one to exaggerate.

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Episode 6: A Richly Imagined Future

Robert Gignac has written ‘Rich is a State of Mind’, a light-hearted look at financial planning with the serious message of personal responsibility. Stir in a fair dose of common sense and voila, the magic to a richly imagined future!

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Episode 5: Money & Travel: The Ultimate Pairing

Financial planners are always advocating that we save … but for what? Travel of course! Barry Choi is a planner at ‘Money We Have’ and a travel expert. His ideas are … insightful!

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Episode 4: Findependence or bust!

A veteran journalist, Jonathan Chevreau has more than 4 decades of experience in newspapers and magazines. He’s a book author with titles like Smart Funds, The Wealthy Boomer, Findependence Day, and most recently co-authored Victory Lap Retirement. These days he’s CFO at the Financial Independence Hub. Who better to talk to about the state of the investor!

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Episode 3: Robos have landed! Robos have landed!

Dale Roberts is a champion of Exchange Traded Funds … and he had a role in creating the first robo-advisor.
We talk to the Chief Disruptor at Cut the Crap Investing about robos and the future of investing.

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Episode 2: Retirement Planning Overview

Everyone’s retirement planning is different – we all have different goals and lifestyles.
But what are the government backstops? What do we need to think about in putting together a plan?
Malcolm Hamilton joins us to talk retirement.

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Episode 1: The Origins of Justwealth

Justwealth is the creation of two investment professionals that shared a dream – they just didn’t know it.
How’d they get together and create one of the top-tier robo-advisors in the country?

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