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(1) Source: Justwealth and Investor Economics & Strategic Insight, The Investment Funds Institute of Canada.
Based on a total fee with Justwealth of 0.65% versus a typical mutual fund fee of 2.20%, assuming equal investments and identical returns.

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BenefitHub members must maintain a monthly contribution of at least $50.

No minimum balance required to open an account. (1)

 Discounted Justwealth management fee of 0.40% (2).

**Note: You MUST establish a minimum $50 per month pre-authorized contribution to take advantage of the BenefitHub special offer.**

(1) While no minimum account balance is required to open your Justwealth account, you must have
a minimum balance of at least $300 prior to Justwealth investing on your behalf.
(2) Minimum monthly fee of $2.50 applies in any month during which the calculated management fee is less than $2.50.
A GroupBenefitz/BenefitHub referral fee of 0.05% also applies.

The impact of fees on your investment portfolio

To see just how important fees can be, consider an investor with $100,000. A Justwealth client would pay a low annual management fee of 0.45%, plus (on average) an additional 0.20% in ETF management fees. A typical mutual fund charge 2.20%.

What would you do with the extra money?

**Disclaimer: Both calculations assume $100,000 investment in a non-taxable account with a gross return of 6% and an annual contribution of $5,000. Average Canadian Mutual Fund Investor fee is 2.20% (Source: Investor Economics and Strategic Insight: The Investments Funds Institute of Canada May 2015) and Justwealth Investor is 0.75% (Justwealth fee of 0.50% and average ETF management fee of 0.25%)**

Justwealth – A Recognized Industry Leader

Portfolio/Discretionary Manager of The Year
Nomination – James Gauthier
Wealth Professional Awards 2021

Portfolio/Discretionary Manager of The Year
Nomination – James Gauthier
Wealth Professional Awards 2020

Leading Portfolio Managers
James Gauthier
Wealth Professional Canada 2019

FinTech Company of the Year
Nomination – Justwealth
Canadian FinTech and AI Awards 2019

Entrepreneur/Innovation Leader of the Year
Nomination – Andrew Kirkland
Canadian FinTech and AI Awards 2019

Portfolio/Discretionary Manager of The Year
Nomination – James Gauthier
Wealth Professional Awards 2019

Top 50 Canadian FinTech Company
Digital Finance Institute 2019

Top 50 Women in FinTech
Isobel Russell
Digital Finance Institute 2019

Young Gun of the Year Award
Nomination – Andrew Kirkland
Wealth Professional Awards 2018

FinTech Startup of the Year Award
Nomination – Justwealth
Canadian FinTech & AI Awards 2018

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